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Freak the mighty

hunkering Squatting on one's haunches
bulkhead A horizontal or inclined door over a stairway giving access to a cellar
intruding Pushing oneself in without permission
duplex a dwelling with two living units
postulated assumed without proof
regurgitate to pour back out of; to throw up undigested food
scraggly Irregular or rough
humongous Extraordinarily large
invincible unconquerable
propulsion forward motion
depleted emptied; drained; used up
unvanquished undefeated
expel to force out
possessed controlled as if by a spirit or other force
hoodlum a tough and aggressive young man
evasive trying to avoid
archetype an original model
divulged made known; revealed
steed a horse
optimum most favorable; best
camouflage protective coloring or disguise
fealty loyalty; faithfulness
retrieval act or process of getting something back
rigged made something with available materials
hypnotize to put into a trance
numb incapable of action or feeling emotion
deprive to remove, take, or withhold something
dysfunctional not working properly
redeem to make up for past errors; made up for sins
illiterate unable to read or write
precaution an action taken against danger ahead of time
functional in working order
precaution an action taken against danger ahead of time
functional in working order
fumbling to move clumsily while doing or handling something
ignorant lacking knowledge or information;
testify to give evidence as a witness
obnoxious extremely unpleasant; annoying
prodigy a person having extraordinary talent or ability
faint pass out
stabilize to make or hold stable
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