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100 palabras para aprender ingles

Class Clase
First class Preference
Second class Turista
Cabin Camarote
Room Habitaciòn
Number Nùmero
Key llave
Elevator Ascensor
Stairs Escaleras
Floor Planta (piso)
Hallway Pasillo
Living room SALON
Furniture Mueble
Sofa Sofa
Seat Sillon
Chair Silla
Table Mesa
Rug Alfombra
Telephone Telèfono
Television Televisiòn
Radio Radio
Remote control Mando (a distancia)
Batteries Pilas
Electricity Electricidad
Lamp Làmpara
Balcony Balcòn
Sunlight Luz solar
Curtain Cortina
Closet Armario
Bed Cama
Sheet Sàbana
Blanket Manta
Comforter Edredòn
Bathroom BAÑO
Sink Lavabo
Shower Ducha
Soap Jabòn
Towel Toalla
Toilet paper Papel higiènico
Tooth brush Cepillo dental
Tooth paste Pasta dental
Kitchen COCINA
Stove Cocina
Refrigerator Frigorìfico
Washing machine Lavadora
Microwave Microondas
Dishwasher Lavavajillas
Serving dish Fuente -
Tray Bandeja
Glass Vaso
Cup Taza
Bottle Botella
Can Bote
Frying pan Sartèn
Pot Olla
Saucepan Cazo
Silverware CUBIERTO
Spoon cuchara
Folk Tenedor
Knife Cuchillo
Napkin Servilleta
Toothpick Palillo
Thing COSA
Object Objeto
Machine Maquina (aparato)
Example Ejemplo
Country Paìs
Nationality Gentilicio
Language Idioma
Border Frontera
Region Regiòn
Town Pueblo
Barrio Barrio
Housing development Urbanizaciòn
House Casa
Building Edificio
Flat Piso
apartment Apartamento
Street CALLE
Avenue Avenida
Square Plaza
Cross Cruce
Corner Esquina
Downtown Centro (de ciudad)
Beginning Principio
Middle Mitad
End Fin
Park Parque
Garden Jardin
Fountain Fuente -
Ambulance Ambulancia
Pharmacy Farmacia
Pill Pastilla
Tranquilizer Calmante
Antibiotic Antibiòtico
Created by: raulramon



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