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L5 Idioms 10-18

Essential Idioms Lessons 10-18

To make sure To be sure, to be or make certain, to ascertain
Now and then Occasionally, sometimes, from time to time, once in a while
To get rid of To eliminate, to remove; to discard, to throw away
Every other (one) Every second (one), alternate (ones), skip (one)
To go with To match, to compare well in color or design, to go together
First-rate Excellent, superb
To come from To originate from
To make good time To travel a sufficient distance at a reasonable speed
To mix up To stir or shake well; to confuse, to bewilder
To see about To give attention or time to; to attend to; to see to
To make an impression To influence another person's opinion of oneself; to leave an impression
By heart By memorizing
To keep out Not to enter, not allow to enter
To keep away (from) To stay at a distance (from); to avoid use of; stay away from
To find fault with To criticize, to complain about something
To be up to To be dependent on the decision of another; to feel able to do something
Ill at ease Uncomfortable or worried in a situation
To do over To revise, to do again
To look into To investigate, to examine carefully; to check into
To take hold of To grasp, to grip with the hands
To get through To finish, to complete
From now on From this time into the future
To keep track of To keep or maintain a record of; to remember the location or status of
To get carried away To act in an extreme manner; to go overboard
up to date modern; current, timely
out of date not modern; not current, not timely; no longer available in published form
to blow up to inflate, to fill with air; to explode, to destroy (or be destroyed) by explosion
to catch fire to begin to burn
to burn down to destroy completely by fire; to burn slowly, but completely (usually said of candles)
to burn up to destroy completely by fire; to make angry or very annoyed; to tick off
to burn out to stop functioning because of overuse; to make tired from too much work
stands to reason to be clear and logical
to break out to become widespread suddenly; (also, to break out of prison)
as for regarding, concerning; as to
for one thing for example, for instance - examples follow the words in a sentence
to feel sorry for to pity, to feel compassion for; to take pity on
to break down to stop functioning
to turn out to become or result; to appear, to attend (also: to come out)
once in a blue moon rarely, infrequently
to give up to stop trying; to stop a bad habit; to surrender
to cross out to cancel by marking with a horizontal line
to take for granted not to appreciate fully; to assume to be true without giving much thought
to take into account to consider a fact while evaluating a situation
to make clear to clarify, to explain
clear cut clearly stated, definite, apparent, easy to understand
to have on to be wearing
to come to to regain consciousness; to equal, to amount to
to call for to require; to request, to urge
To eat in/ to eat out To eat at home / to eat in a restaurant
Cut and dried Predictable, known beforehand, boring
To look after To watch, to supervise, to protect (also: to take care of, to keep an eye on)
To feel like To have the desire to, to want to consider
Once and for all Finally, absolutely
To hear from To receive news or information from
To hear of To know about, to be familiar with, to consider
To make fun of To laugh at, to joke about
To come true To become reality, to prove to be correct
As a matter of fact Really, actually, (in fact)
To have one's way To arrange matters the way one wants; to get one's way
To look forward to To expect or anticipate with pleasure
inside out with the inside facing the outside
upside down with the upper side turned toward the lower side
to fill in to write answers in; to inform, to tell
to fill out to complete a form
to take advantage of to use well, to profit from; to use another person's weaknesses to gain what one wants
no matter regardless of
to take up to begin to do or study, to undertake; to occupy space, time or energy
to take up with to consult someone about an important matter
to take after to resemble a parent or close relative; to look like in physical appearance
in the long run eventually, after a long period of time
in touch having contact (talking to, communicating with by text, phone, email etc.)
out of touch not having contact; no having knowledge of
one one's toes alert, cautious, paying attention
to watch one's step to walk or move cautiously, to be careful when walking or moving
to watch what one says/does to speak or behave carefully
to see eye to eye to agree, to concur
to have in mind to be considering, to be thinking
to keep in mind to remember, not to forget; to bear in mind
for once this one time, for only one time
to go off to explode; to sound as an alarm; to leave suddenly without explanation
to grow out of to outgrow, to become too old or too big for something; to be a result of
to make the best of to do the best that one can in a poor situation
to cut off to shorten by cutting the ends; to disconnect or stop suddenly
to cut out to remove by cutting; to stop doing something; to knock it off
to blow out to explode or go flat
ex: tires, candles
to become of to happen to; when you loose or misplace something or when you haven't seen someone in a long time
to shut up to close for period of time; to be quiet, to stop talking
have got to have, to possess
have got to must, have to
to keep up with to maintain the same speed or rate as
on the other hand however, in contrast
to turn down to reduce in brightness or volume; to reject, to refuse
fifty-fifty divided into two equal parts
to break in gradually to prepare something for use that is new and stiff; to interrupt or cut in; to enter illegally or by force
a lost cause a hopeless case, a person or situation having no hope of positive change
above all mainly, especially, more than anything
to do without survive or exist without something; to go without
according to in the order or; on the authority of
to be bound to to be certain to, to be sure to
for sure without doubt; for certain
to take for to perceive or understand as
to try out to test, to use during a trial period; to audition
to tear down to destroy by making flat, to demolish
to tear up to rip into small pieces
to go over to be appreciated or accepted
to run out of to exhaust the supply of, not to have more of
at heart basically, fundamentally
on hand available, nearby
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