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Word Stems-Mr.Cline

This study stack for word stems can help students memorize them.

Archy meaning- government, Example Monarchy
Cide meaning- kill, Example homicide
Ician meaning- specialist, Example musician
Aqua meaning- water, Example aquarius
Cap meaning- take, Example capture
Cise meaning- cut, Example incision
Bio meaning- life, Example biography
Dict meaning- say, Example contradict
Cent meaning- 100, Example century
Neo meaning- new, Example neon
Ad meaning- to, Example adhesive
Sede meaning- go, Example secede
Centri meaning- center, Example centripetal force
Anthropo meaning- man, Example anthropology
Ard meaning- always, Example coward
Itis meaning- infection, Example arthritis
Audi meaning- hear, Example audience
Bel meaning- war, Example rebel
Scrib meaning- write, Example inscribe
Ante meaning- before, Example anterior
Anti meaning- against, Example antibody
Auto meaning- self, Example automobile
Inter meaning- between, Example intercontinental
Per meaning- away, Example peripheral
Hemi meaning- half, Example hemisphere
Con meaning- together, Example concussion
Com meaning- together, Example competence
Syn meaning- together, Example synonym
Sym meaning- together, Example symmetry
Co meaning- with, Example cooperation
Geo meaning- Earth, Example geography
Bi meaning- two, Example binary
Circum meaning- around, Example circumference
Equi meaning- equal, Example equation



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