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Srta Lynch DEB 2010

LC DEB Mock paper key vocab 2010

formarse to train (educate)
en paro unemployed
sueldos salaries
rentable profitable
aquejar to bother
sobrecualificación overqualification
la herencia inheritance
se derrocha it is wasted
una beca a scholarship
urbanita city dweller
rondar circle
nivel adquisitivo purchasing
contrapesar to counterbalance
un éxito inesperado an unexpected success
ceder to relinquish
una cifra a figure
nativos digitales digital natives
sueldo bruto gross salary
trayectoria profesional career path
ateo athiest
si fuera necesario if it were necessary
echar de menos to miss
invertir to invest
cultivos crops
ambos both
atrevido bold
cantautor singer/songwriter
autodidacta self taught
solfeo musical theory
sentimiento feeling
actualmente currently
polémico contraversial
ciudadanía citizenship
la gran pantalla the big screen
el juzgado the court
la carcél prison
un bofetón a slap
Created by: Luvlycaroline