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Queen Victoria

English History

When was Victoria born? She was born in 1819
how long did her reign last? It lasted more than 60 years
What happened during her reign? The Victorian Age brought many advances in science andnew tecnologies.
Did she go to school? No, she didn't but her german governess gave her lessons.
What languages did she speak? German and English.
What were her favourite subjects? She was good at maths, music anddrawing.
When did she meet her cousin Albert? He met Albert on her 17th birthday.
Did she like Albert? Yes, she did.
What did she do in 1839 when Albert came to visit her again? She asked him to marry her.
When did Victoria and Albert marry? In February 1840.
How many children did Victoria have? They had 9 children.
What was one of the main events during her reign? The Great exibition of 1851 in Hide Park in London.
What was the exibition full of? It was full of inventions and machines from all over the world.
What happened in 1861? Albert became very ill and he died.
How did Victoria feel after her husband death? She was sad and she refused to go out or see people.
What did she wear? She wore black for the rest of her life.
When did she die? She died on 22 January 1901
How old was she when she became Queen? She was 18.
Created by: teacherv