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Vocabulary Unit 2

Terse Brief
Bolster Support
Inquisitive Curious
Replete Well-filled
Nebulous Unclear
Relegate Assign to a lesser place
Utopia Perfect place
Raucous Disorderly
Recourse Source of help
Bureaucratic Insisting on the rules
Reiterate Repeat
Autonomy Independence
Mandate Voter’s wishes
Ostracize Exclude
Tantamount The same as
Tenacious Holding firmly
Liability Drawback
Clandestine Secret
Incongruous Inconsistent
Contingency Possibility
Indigenous Native
Superfluous Extra
Prolific Fertile
Exonerate Free from blame
Egocentric Self-centered
Reinstate Restore
Propensity Tendency
Reprehensible Blameworthy
Fortuitous Lucky
Solace Comfort
Liaison Go-between
Equivocate Be vague on purpose
Impeccable Faultless
Solicitous Showing concern
Predisposed Tending beforehand
Sham Imitation
Sanction Authorize
Inundate Flood
Circumvent Avoid
Reticent Reluctant to speak
Robust Vigorous
Cohesive Sticking together
Vociferous Noisy
Attrition Becoming fewer
Grievous Causing pain
Oblivious Unaware
Depreciate Fall in value
Indiscriminate Not choosing carefully
Sedentary Sitting
Tenet Principle
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