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Vocabulary Unit 1

Vicarious Indirect
Sensory Having to do with seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting.
Scrupulous Ethical
Ostentatious Showy
Optimum Ideal
Gregarious Out going
Facetious Funny
Dexterous Skilled
Discretion Good sense
Detriment Disadvantage
Instigate Stir To action
Rudimentary Elementary
Resilient Able to recover quickly
Collaborate Work together
Zealot Person devoted to a cause
Squelch Suppress
Venerate Respect
Despondent Depressed
Retrospect Looking back
Scoff Make fun of
Juxtapose Place side by side
Lethargy Lack of energy
Ambiguous Not clear
Inane Silly
Dissident One who disagrees
Embellish Decorate
Subsidize Support financially
Fritter Waste
Inadvertent Unintentional
Sporadic Occasional
Relinquish Give up
Impetuous Impulsive
Maudlin Sentimental
Berate Criticize
Ubiquitous Exiting everywhere
Zenith Peak
Estrange Keep away
Infallible Incapable of error
Euphoric Overjoyed
Regress Return to previous behavior
Dormant Inactive
Disseminate Scatter widely
Irrevocable Unable to cancel
Proliferation Rapid spread
Corroborate Support with proof
Precipitate To bring on
Hoist Lift
Charlatan Imposter
Diverge Branch off
Illicit Illegal
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