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Vocabulary Set 11

Vocabulary Words for English II

She seemed ____________________ about winning the million dollars, though her husband was ecstatic. Indifferent
The news story left her with a _______________ feeling, like she was reliving her own horrific events. Disconcerting
She earned the ___________________ admiration of her peers when she scored the winning touchdown. Grudging
There was a ___________ between them that was as great as the parting of the Red Sea. Schism
He used insect_________ to get rid of all the bugs in his house. -Cide
Her __________ was genuine - her father was laid off of work, she failed her grade, and her dog died. Ennui
I _________________ that he will marry her after she inherits her father's money. Prognosticate
The magi_______ saved the best trick - sawing a woman in half - for last. -Cian
I had bronch_________ and could barely breathe. -Itis
The ___________marine life was smooth and graceful as it glided through the water. Aqua-
What figurative language is used in this sentence? Adam added algebraic expressions all afternoon. Alliteration
What figurative language is used in this sentence? She is older than Moses! Allusion
What figurative language is used in this sentence? The softly lit closet was filled with colorful dresses made of silk and other fine linens. Imagery
What figurative language is used in this sentence? I'm so thirsty that I could drink ten gallons of water! Hyperbole
What figurative language is used here? He knew he should just run far away - But could not refuse her when she asked him to stay. Couplet
What figurative language is used in this sentence? She's a block of ice. Metaphor
What figurative language is used in this sentence? The dove flew by our window and we knew that it would all be fine now. Symbol
Her use of __________________ (ethos, pathos, logos) made her very persuasive. Rheteric
Which form of rhetoric is being used? Our service record speaks for itself! Ethos
Which form of rhetoric is being used? If you really care about your mom, buy her the best! Pathos
Created by: Mrs.Dunn
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