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studying vocab words

sleek elegant, wealthy, well groomed
gourd a large fruit with a hard outer shell
nausea feeling sick like you might puke
clutch to hang on tightly
bewildering very confusing
winsome sweet, innocent, charming
petrifying so frightening you can't move or think
emblazoned to decorate or show a symbol on a shirt, sign or building
mortified humiliated or filled with shame
corridor a passageway connecting parts of a building
gallantly brave, noble, polite
frolic playful behavior
forage searching for food
thoroughfare a major street or road
lolling lean in a relaxed, hang loosely
secluded away, out of view
meager not having enough
saunter walk in a relaxed way
clarity no confusion
unfathomable cannot understand incomprehensible
Created by: kman24