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Srta Lynch 09 DEB

LC HL DEB vocabulario

El Ministerio de Sanidad The Ministry of Health
agregar add
vergüenza shame
enfermedades de transmisión sexual Sexually Transmitted infections
anticonceptivos contraceptives
los riesgos the risks
puntualizó pointed out
pretender to intend
la herramienta the tool
Médicos sin Fronteras Doctors without borders
gratificante gratifying/rewarding
las aldeas the villages
La Selectividad the college entry exam
lograr to achieve
tratarse de to be about
la constancia perseverance
superación personal self improvement
me han inculcado they have instilled in me
la demanda interpuesta the law suit
la indemnización the compensation
ayuda alimentaria food aid
primera dama first lady
granos spots
Las bajas presiones low pressure
se mantendrán sin cambios will remain without change
se prevén are forecast
burlas mockery
una prenda a garment
acabar to end up
pretender to hope
una barriga a (pregnancy) bump
dar la luz to give birth
cirugía surgery
amamantar to breadfeed
el parto the birth
creencias beliefs
varón male
rechazar to reject
engendrar to procreate
quirófano operating theater
un polígono an industrial estate
albañil builder/bricklayer
ha fallecido has died
se estrelló it crashed
congelado frozen
empollón nerd
letras arts
empollón nerd
un lastre a burden/waste
rechazar to reject
los chavales the youngsters
un docente a teacher
de hecho in fact
una comida a meal
un corresponsal a pen pal
decorar to decorate
Created by: Luvlycaroline
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