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Newton's Law

Flashcards with questions about Newton's Laws and Simple Machines

What is Newton's 1 Law of Motion? An object can be in rest or an object can be motion unless a unbalanced or exerted force stops or slows it down.
What is an example of Newton's 1 Law of Motion You are riding on a skateboard and pieces of gravel start to be on the road and then the skateboard stops and cannot go any farther.
What is Inertia Inertia is the tendency of all matter to resist any change in motion.
What is Newton's 2 Law of Motion? An object will accelerate unless an unbalanced force pushes it
What does Newton's 2 Law of Motion depend on? Its acceleration depends on the size of the force and the mass of the object
What is Newton's 2 Law of Motion Formula? Force = mass x acceleration or F=ma
What is Newton's 2 Law of Motion's Sentence? The more mass an object has, the more force you need to accelerate it.
What is an example of Newton's 2 Law of Motion? One box with stuff the force equals 10N and the other is an empty box and the force equals 5N and more force is needed to accelerate the heavier box.
What is Newton's 3 Law of Motion? Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction.
What is the action and reaction of a rocket? Action: Gas pushes down and out back of the rocket Reaction: The rocket goes up
What is the action and reaction of a man pushing a wall? Action: The man is pushing the wall Reaction: The wall is exerting the same force back
What is the action and reaction of the girl swimming? Action: Her foot is pushing against the wall Reaction: She will travel forward
What is the action and reaction of a balloon? Action: Air is coming out of the balloon Reaction: The balloon will fly in the opposite direction
What is an inclined plane? An incline plane is a sloped surface, such as a ramp
What are some examples of a inclined plane? Staircase, ramp, bottom of a bath tub, etc.
What is a screw? A screw is when a incline plane is wrapped around a cylinder shape
What is an example of a screw? An example of a screw is a bolt, spiral staircase, etc.
What is work? Work is the action that results when a force causes an object to move in the direction of the force.
What is the work formula? The work formula is Work = Force x Distance
Does simple machines reduce the amount of WORK? Simple Machines do not reduce the amount of work, it just makes the work easier.
WORK sentence trick If the object does not move then no work is being done!
Created by: Sabrina_thecool