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Percy Jackson 19-22S

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

eons The class was so boring, it seemed like ____ passed before it was over.
levitated It was amazing when, during the magic show, Tyler ____ the table off the floor.
predicament She talked herself into quite the ____ when she disrespected the teacher.
grotesquely The basketball player's let stuck out ____ when he broke it during the game.
ultimatum My mom gave me an ____; either clean my room without complaint or lose my phone. I cleaned my room.
impeding The strong wind was ____ the pedestrians from crossing the street.
deflected In the ring, the boxer ____ his opponent's blow by ducking down and left.
evade The robber's attempt to ____ the police ended with him flipping the get away car three times.
banished After committing treason, the king ____ the citizen from the kingdom.
contemplating My can, Mr. Walker, looked like he was ____ lunch as he watched the fish swim by in the tank.
devising The team was ____ a plan to come back and win the game during their huddle.
rummaged Dad ____ through the old trunk in the attic to see if he could find the old scrapbook.
bided The lion ____ his time, silently approaching the unsuspecting antelope.
vengeance When you are hurt, you often wish you could see ____.
Created by: tonyawheeler
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