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Vocabulary and grammar cards

hay there is, there are
la ensalada salad
abrir to open
mezclar to mix
barrer to sweep
hablar to speak, to talk
va go, goes
la carne meat
las verduras vegetables
gastar to spend
cerrar to close
cocinar to cook
quiere want(s)
la sopa soup
entender to understand
lavar to wash
probar to taste, to try
sacar to take out
la naranja orange
cara expensive
el supermercado supermarket
la panadería bakery
la pescadería fish market
la frutería fruit and vegetable stand
la carnicería butcher shop
el pollo chicken
la cena dinner
esta noche tonight
primero first
vas you go, you are going
comprar to buy
más tarde later
preparar to prepare
poner to put
al final in the end
poder to be able
puedes you can/are able to
la comida food, meal
el postre dessert
la torta de chocolate chocolate cake
el arroz rice
el desayuno breakfast
voy a cocinar I am going to cook
ir + a + infinitive simple future - am/are/is going to ...
ayudar to help
comer to eat
Created by: LacyBuchanan