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compensate to make up for something lost or stolen
devotion deep love and admiration for someone or something
presumptuous to act like you have the right to do things that are none of your business
utter to say or speak
oblige to do something for a person because you want to not because you have to
reproach to criticize a person for doing something wrong
prudence wise and careful planning
enamored to be fascinated by or in love with someone
chagrin a feeling of embarrassment because you failed
abate to become less intense or widespread
redolent reminds you of something
taunt to annoy or tease
mellifluous pleasant and smooth sounding
implication an unspoken meaning or message behind what you say
embolden to suddenly have the confidence to act boldly and bravely
obliterate to completely destroy something
egregious shockingly bad
abashed ashamed or embarrassed
fastidious neat and picky
gingerly to handle carefully
malicious mean on purpose
mock to imitate in order to make fun of
fabrication something that is created, not natural
inhabit to live in
affix to attach to something
incipient just beginning to happen
mutate to change into some new, usually strange form
awry not going as planned
phenomenon a rare of unusually important event
replete almost completely filled
elude to escape using cleverness and skill
skeptical doubtful that something is true
credible trusted or believable
debunk to show proof that something is not true or real
substantial a large amount of something
implausible so unlikely it's hard to believe
conjecture an opinion formed without much proof
fraudulent false or dishonest
unwieldy hard to handle because of awkward weight or size
redolent reminds you of something else
embolden to have the power to act boldly or bravely
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