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Percy Jackson 16-28S

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

metamorphosis Once a caterpillar creates a cocoon, a ____ will take place and it will emerge a butterfly.
pathetic The homeless puppy looked ____; he was scrawny and dirty.
decency It is common ____ to help a stranger open the door when you see them struggling.
befriended Jan ____ Morgan by inviting the new girl to sit with her at lunch.
jarred The sudden slam from the car behind us into our bumper ____ me and gave me whiplash.
hurtling The airplane came ____ down the runway for take off.
nuzzling The newborn baby was ____ into his mother and falling asleep.
fugitive After robbing a bank, Skyler became a ____ running from the police.
inconsiderate It is ____ to purposely tell a secret someone has asked you to keep.
transparent The window was ____ so I could see the entire mountain range.
rifling I discovered my little sister ____ through my drawers helping herself to my clothes.
dissipated Once an administrator showed up, the students ____ in different directions to class.
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