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Rel. Ch8

Carnaval de Barranquilla

What is the 7th Commandment?
You shall not steal
What are 2 ways to live according to the 7th Commandment? 1. Not taking things that are not ours (including answers to tests, homework, and others´ ideas) 2. Showing respect for the goods and property of others and not damagingthe properties of others on purpose
What is stealing? Any action that unjustly takes away the property or rights of others
What is Justice? Respecting the rights of others and giving them what is rightfully theirs
What are requirements of members of the Church and disciples of Jesus? We must strive to live the moral life to which God has called us AND work for justice
What is the 8th Commandment? You shall not bear false witnessagainst your neighbor
What does it mean to ¨give witness?¨ To have personal knowledge of a person or event and to tell others the truth about it
Who can be harmed by giving false witness? Others and the whole community
The 8th Commandment teaches about the need for _______. truth
The tuth is the foundation of ___ _______ _______ _________. all positive human relationships
The 8th Commandment forbids us to _____. Lie
What doe it mean to lie? To speak or act falsely with the intention of deceiving others
How did Jesus explain the 8th Commandment? ¨Let your ´Yes´ mean ´Yes´ and your ´No´ mean ´No.´
What is the 9th Commandment? You shall not covet your neighbor's wife
Temptation The attraction to choose sin
To Covet To wrongly desiresomeone oe something
Temperance The Cardinal Value which moderates the attraction of pleasures and helps us to bring our desires into balance
Modesty The virtue which means speaking, thinking, acting, and dressing in ways that show respect for ourselves and others
Pure of heart Living in the love of God our Father and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us with goodness and love
What is the 10th Commandment? You shall not covet your neighbor's goods
What does the 10th Commandment oblige us to do? To thank God for what we have, to work for what we need, and to help others to have what they need
What do we know in living out the 10th Commandment? We tryst in God, knowing that his love is more important than money or success
Envy A feeling of sadness when someone else has the things we want for ourselves
The 10th COmmandment reminds us to become ____ __ ______. Poor in Spirit
What does it mean to be poor in spirit? To depend on God and to make God more important than anyone or anything else in our life
Greed An excessive desire to have or own things
Emperor Constantine favored Christianity
In ___ constantine issued edict of ___ 313 Milan
What did Constantine build Basilica and many government buildings
Why did Constantine build what he built For Christians to used as a place of worship
What does testement mean? Convent
What did the church develop under the guidance of the holy spirit
The 27 bokks of the new testament
Why did the early Christians complane The Church was canon or scared
The fathers of the Church were? Origen- studied and explained scripure St John Chrysostom a great preacher whose name means golden mouth St Jerome WHO translated the bible into Latin from Hebrew
A heresy is a Belief or collection of beliefs
The word ecumenical comes from Greek and means Of the whole world
What are the 3 councils The council in the city of Nice a Council at Ephesus The council at Chaleendon
They claimed that Gods real revelation was available only as secret knowledge Gnostics
They claimed that Jesus only pretended to be human and so he didn't really suffer on the cross Docetists
The popes successor is PETER
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