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Wednesday Wars ALL

Wednesday Wars - ALL words

accomplice helps somebody do a criminal action
accumulated to collect; gather
ample more than enough; plentiful
ascending moving on up (size or importance)
berserk raging/frenzied with excitement
blithe full of free spirit
careened lean sideways uncontrollably
ceasefire a temporary halt to fighting
civilized having an advanced level of cultural nature
component part of an element to a larger whole
concept a grouping of ideas
contemporary current time; new; modern
corralled to gather with one another
curious peculiar
demonic attitude as those of evil spirits
dianostic To explain something
dreadfully an act causing feelings of dread or fear
evaluate assess the quality of something or someone
foresight planning; thinking ahead of time
gorge overindulge
grim an expression of "this could get ugly..."
harrow torment
humiliated to have feelings of severe embarrassment; looking foolish
implied suggestion
inaccuracy incorrect; wrong; not even close to getting an answer correct
incinerated burn down
intercepted an arc bound by an inscribed angle; crossing
internal interior (inside body)
interpretation stylistic representation of a dramatic work
jostling bumping; pushing; shoving; moving people off
legitimate valid by law; justifiable
melancholy big shame; sadness
moldering crumbling apart; decaying
nurturing building up somebody; encouraging
obliterate destroy completely; wipe out
offensive attacking
partisan taking part; joining forces; supporting
precisely exactly
propulsion the action of moving an item forward
prosecution trial; punishment for crime
reconnaissance observation
refugee one forced to leave their home country
relevant related to someone/something
remnants remains
reverently devoutly
scaffolding structures built for construction use
seclusion being away from other people
significantly considerably
straggling spreading out in many ways
tactic a strategy used to reach a specific goal
theory definition that explains something through science
triumphantly showing the pride in victory
unalloyed pure and free of any mix or change
unbecoming unsuitable in an event
unscathed no harm included; unharmed
vanquished defeated badly
vile messy; disgusting
vocation a persons job or occupation
weary really tired
architect a person who plans, designs, and overseas the construction of buildings
assassination the action of assassinating (murdering) someone
casualty a person killed or injured in a war or accident
emporium a large retail shop or store
giddy having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger; dizzy
nefarious wicked, evil, criminal
paranoid relating to, or suffering from a mental illness that causes you to falsely believe that people are trying to harm you
rhetorical usually relating to a question asked only for emphasis or to make a point and not meant to be answered
ventures a risky or daring journey or undertaking
scurvy a disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C
devious use of dishonorable or dishonest tactics to achieve a task
eminent standing above others in quality or position
mutilate destroy or injure severely
persecution causing someone to suffer
reiterate to say or perform again
usurp to seize or take control of
woe misery resulting from affliction
Created by: jessicaquinn



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