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CPP(general liabilit

CPP(general liability )

Commercial general liability Covers liability from the insureds business at the beginning of the policy as well as those that may arise from new operations acquired during the policy
Advertising Injury An injury to a third party brought about by the businesses advertising it's goods and services. Ex: copyright or trademark infringement,
Occurrence policy The damage must occur while the policy is in effect and also a claim can be made either during the policy period or after it is Terminated
Claims-made policy Has a specified retroactive date and termination date between which the occurance must happen
Trigger The notification of a claim to insured or the insurer
Retroactive date The first date claims are covered
Reporting period/mini tail Any occurances must be reported to the insurer within 60 days of the policy termination
Midi-tail Claims must be made during the policy period or within 5 years of its termination
Supplemental reporting period/full tail This extends the time period claims can be made indefinitely, though occurance must of happened during the policy's coverage period
Contingent liability -owners & contractors Where the person to do the work has a policy showing that he and he alone is responsible for the work to be done and absolving the person that's contracting him from any liability.
Contractual liability Liability assumed under any written or verbal contract
Product coverage Covers legal liability arising from defective products
Completed operations coverage Covers businesses doing construction repair or servicing work and installation away from the insureds place of business
Pollution liability coverage form Provides pollution coverage on a claims made basis and includes clean up costs
Limited pollution coverage Provides pollution coverage on a claims made basis but does not include clean up
Pollution liability extension endorsement An endorsement to general liability that removes part of the pollution exclusion
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