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El Arte Espanol

sordo no puede oir- death
aguza sharpens
majas (mujeres) guapas y elegantes- elegant women from lower class
tapices (tapiz) tapastries- wool or silk
El Escorial monasterio construido por Felipe II, cerca de madrid. rich collection of paintings and tapastries
tela lienzo- material or canvas
aguafuertes etchings
debilidad e ineficacia estado debil e incompetente- weak and incompetant
barrios parts or sections that divide a city or town- neighborhood
caprichos humorious actions, works of imagionation
despreciar no respect for someone of something- to despise
espanto (espantar) terror, fear
fusilar to exacute, to kill with gun fire
trasladar to move or carry on to
Created by: fifar