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Percy Jackson 9-12Sn

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

crevice The mouse quickly got away from me and ran into the ___ by the stove.
invaded Hitler____ Poland in 1939.
feigns Shannon ____ illness every time there is a science test.
vulnerable Marketers need to be especially careful with young people who appear particularly ____ to their ads.
petrified Time and the elements ____ the wood into a stone like substance.
hyperventilated After finding out her pet had died, Vicki ____ and had to be given a paper bag to breathe.
nostalgic Often times our grandparents are ____ for the "good old days", when everything was much cheaper.
grimacing Henry doubled over in pain, ____, when he was kicked in the stomach accidentally.
obscured The gray clouds ____ the bright moon last night.
eternally When my science teacher begins talking, her voice is so monotonous, that it seems to last ____.
indignantly The protester ____ yelled at the substitute workers as they walked into the office.
melancholy Every Sunday I feel ____ because the weekend is ending and the work week is beginning.
Created by: tonyawheeler
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