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Topic 1.2

Me, my family and friends

acoger to receive, to welcome
aconsejar to advise
acordar to agree on
agradecer to thank
aguantar to put up with
anillo, el ring
apodo, el nickname
atrevido cheeky, daring
avaro mean
barrera generacional, la generation gap
boda, la wedding
callado quiet, reserved
celoso jealous
cobarde coward
comprometerse to get engaged
compromise, el engagement
confianza, la trust
confiar to trust
cortés polite
cuidadoso careful
demás, los other people
despedir(se) to say goodbye
disculpar(se) to apologise
educado polite
esposo, el husband
estado civil, el marital status
gemelo, el twin
género, el gender
glotón greedy
hogar, el home
huérfano, el orphan
llorar to cry
maltratar to mistreat
maltrato, el abuse
muchacho, el boy / lad
ocuparse de to look after
orgulloso proud
parecerse a to ressemble
pareja, la couple / partner
relacionarse con to get on with people
seguro de sí-mismo self-assured
sensible sensitive
sobrino, el nephew
torpe clumsy
tratarse (de, con) to treat eachother; to have dealings with
vago idle, lazy
viudo, el widower
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