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Percy Jackson 5-8Sen

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

wince Then, out of nowhere, a bug appeared to hit Sophie on the right side of her face, causing her to ____ and grab her ear.
sullen The ____ teenager slumped on the sofa because he was grounded from all technology.
hovers Watch as the hummingbird ____ over the flowers.
alliance We need to form a closer ____ between government and industry.
pulverizes The mower ____ grass clippings.
recoiled We ____ in horror at the sight of his wounded arm.
burly A ____ delivery man brought the furniture.
quest The team's ____ to win a championship finally came to an end.
incinerated The fire has killed at least 29 people and ____ more than 6,400 structures.
maimed The bomb killed 16 people and ____ several others.
marred A large scar ____ his face.
intrigued Deidre watched, ____ by how graceful and silent the large creatures were as they moved through the clearing.
summon Without explanation, the managing editor ____ me to his office.
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