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Percy Jackson 1-4Sen

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

hallucination He could not tell if what he was seeing was a real ghost or if it was a ____.
solstice The winter____ is almost nine hours shorter than the longest day of the year in June, which boasts daylight for around 16 hours and 38 minutes.
ajar The gust of wind blew the front door slightly ____.
goad Max tried to ____ me into auditioning for the play by calling me a chicken.
reeks The water quality has become dangerously poor due to hurricane and the air ____ of raw sewage
disbanded Once little girl was found, the search party ____.
disaggregated To better understand how to teach his students, Mr. Davis ____ the MAP data.
disbarred Jose Vega, 53, was ____ from practicing law in Louisiana in 2012, according to his arrest warrant.
disintegrated The debris field is large: The plane virtually ____ upon impact with the water, according to investigators
lumbered Back when dinosaurs ____ across the place where Madison stands today, Earth spun faster around its axis.
immaterial When a death is caused by drunk driving, the amount of alcohol consumed is ____.
immoral Like many young people today, Nick wonders if becoming a billionaire is inherently ____ when poverty is still widespread.
immortal Because mythological creatures cannot die, they are said to be ____.
impossible It is ____ to tell the difference between Rachel and Lauren; they are identical twins.
excised The surgeon ____ the large tumor from the man's liver.
expel The club may ____ members who do not follow the rules.
exonerated The results of the DNA fingerprinting finally ____ the man, but only after he had wasted 10 years of his life in prison
exclude The prices on the menu ____ tax, so be sure to add a bit to the cost when selecting your food.
Created by: tonyawheeler
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