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Spanish Vocab (3/19)

New Spanish vocabulary and verbs for March 2019.

sacrifice el sacrificio
to stay, to remain quedarse
soup sopa
it looks se hace que, se ve, me parece que
afterall, moreover, therefore ademas
belief creencia
it didn't go well no salio' bien
adequate adecuado
to become attached to, to stick apegarse
how so como asi
to miss, to be missing faltar
la tool la herramienta
aghast horrorrizado
respaldo back, backboard, backrest
the knowledge el conocimiento
the feelings los sentimientos
susupposedly supuestamente
to address, lead, direct dirigir
alone solito
jealous celoso
the reading la lectura
the writing la escritura
suspiscous suspicaz
low power bajo consumo
properly propiamente, correctamente
estoy de vuelto I am back
estoy de pie I am standing
asustar to frighten, to scare
clavar to nail, sink in, press in, to embed, to nail(accomplish something)
está de más it is over
alas wings
volar (o-ue) fly, blow up, sail
sobrevuelo overfly
la granada grenade
lanzar to throw
la bola the ball
patear to kick
doblar to bend
to turn on - to turn off encender - apagar
suelo floor
arrastrar to drag, pull, haul, lug, pull along
agradecer to thank, appreciate, acknowledge, be grateful for
por venir / por llegar yet to come
en venta for sale
venta sale
no me va it’s not my scene / it’s not for me
agarrar to grab
bajar to go down, descend, to get off, to lower, to bring down, to drop
Created by: elijahhampton