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Spelling Bee List C

C words

la cacerola casserole, saucepan
el calendario calendar
la calculadora calculator
la cancha court (tennis), field (soccer)
caliente spicy, hot
el cantante male singer
el campo the field, country
la carne meat
la carta the letter
la cebolla onion
la cena dinner
cenar to eat dinner
el ciervo deer, venison
la cereza cherry
el champ├║ shampoo
el chocolate chocolate
la ciruela plum
la clase class
cocinar la col to cook the cabbage
la coliflor cauliflower
comer to eat
la comida meal, food
la computadora computer
el comisiario commissioner, captain (police)
la conferencia conference, lecture
congelado frozen
el conserje superintendent
el camale├│n chameleon
el cordero lamb
crudo raw (food)
el cuaderno spiral notebook
los cubiertos cutlery, tableware
cuidar to take care of
el cuchillo knife
la cuenta bill, check, or account
Created by: ltefft