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QuizBowl- Spanish

Spanish quizbowl flash cards

How many years did it take Cortés and his men to conquer Mexico? 2 Years
What was the main reason that Spain colonized Mexico? Gold
What is the unusual ingredient in the sauce Mole Poblano, a chicken dish from southern Mexico? Chocolate
When is the main meal of the day, la comida, served? Early afternoon/lunch
Where can you hear the cheer "Ole?" At a bullfight
On what side of the road do Spaniards drive? On the right.
Although elements of Mexican cuisine have been borrowed from other cultures, from which Indian group does it have it's primary origins? Mayan
The bear and tree are symbols of what Spanish city? Madrid
Which Caribbean island houses 2 nations, one French speaking and one Spanish speaking? Hispaniola
What Chilean Province, framed for its giant statues, is located more than 2000 miles west of the South American coast? Easter Island
How many meals are in a typical Spanish day? 6
What does "Pre-Columbian" mean? Before Columbus' arrived to the new world.
When do Mexicans celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla against the French? May 5 (Cinco De Mayo)
This place won there Independence from Mexico in 1836. Texas
What did Juan Diego have a vision of? The Virgen of Guadalupe
How many years did Spain rule Mexico? 300
How often should you use USTED when visiting a Spanish speaking country? ALWAYS!!!!!!
What is the name of the Peninsula where Spain is located? Iberian Peninsula
What is the capital of Spain? Madrid
What are the mountains that separate Spain and France? Pyrenees
What is the most famous art museum in Madrid? El Prado
Who are referred to as "The Catholic Kings?" Fernando and Isabella (Ferdinand and Isabel)
Who are the "Tres Reyes Magos?" Three kings
When is the Carnival celebrated? Before lent
When it is summer in Missouri, What season is it in South America? Winter
What is the largest Spanish speaking city? Mexico City/Mexico DF
What is the most famous sport in Latin America? Soccer
Which country shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain? Portugal
What is the Spanish word for a person mixed with European and Indian blood? Mestizo
What metal is mined near Taxco, Mexico? Silver
What is the largest industrial city in Mexico? Monterrey
What sickly child grew up to be the conqueror of Mexico? Hernan Cortés
How many people did Cortés bring with him? 600
What is the of the largest South American river? Amazon
What does the name "Buenos Aires" mean? Good air
What forms the natural boundary between Chile and Argentina? Andes mountains
Who were the king and queen who financed Columbus? Ferdinand and Isabel/ Fernando and Isabella
Who was the first communist dictator of Cuba? Fidel Castro
Who were Gaspar, Mechar, and Baltesar? The three kings
What breed of dog originated in Mexico? Chihuahua
What four United States border Mexico? California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
What two animals are on the Mexican flag? Eagle and snake
What Spanish explorer conquered the Incas? Pizarro
What river forms the boundary between the US and Mexico? Rio Grande
What country is famous for its gauchos or cowboys? Argentina
What continent is Uruguay on? South America
What religion is practiced in most of Latin America? Catholicism
Mant Spanish words beginning with "al" are of what origin? Arabic
Who wears the "suit of lights?" A matador
Which peninsula did the Mayans inhabit? Yucatan
What do children leave out for the three kings? Shoes
What are the colours of Spanish flag Red and Gold/ Red and Yellow
What beverage was reserved for the priests and royalty among the Aztecs? Chocolate
When do you say "Buen Provecho?" Before a meal
What is the expression used when someone sneezes? Salud *Salud, Amor, Dinero are acceptable answers.
Many hispanic people celebrate this day in addition to their birthday. Saint's Day
What is Ecuador known for? The equator
What is the capital of Ecuador? Quito
Who led the movement to obtain Independence from the Spanish? Simon Boliver
Who wrote MAN OF LA MANCHA? Cervantes
Who is the main character of MAN OF LA MANCHA? Don Quijote
What is the nickname for Buenos Aires, in Argentina? The Paris of Latin America
What dance became famous in Argentina? Tango
In a Hispanic Engagement, who asks for the girl's hand in marriage? The parents of the groom
Who founded the Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic? Bartolome Colon, or Christopher Columbus' brother
What are the two wedding ceremonies that often occur in the same day in Mexico? Civil and Religious ceremonies
What did the queen of Portugal use for headaches in the 1560's? Tobacco
The god Quetzalcoatl often appears in Mexican art as what? A feathered snake
What Mexican town has two great pyramids built to the sun and moon? Teotihuacán
What is the Mayan system of hieroglyphics? A system of writing using pictures
What concept did the Mayas invent and use in their math? Zero
What year did Mexico win its independence from Spain? 1821
What is the largest Spanish speaking country in South America? Argentina
How many years is a Mexican presidential term? 6 years
Name three Spanish speaking Caribbean islands. Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico
What is the largest country in Central America? Nicaragua
How many Spanish speaking countries are there in South America? 9
What continent is Mexico a part of? North America
Created by: rawrt