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Spanish story 2

esperando waiting for L: hoping for
cabello hair
sedoso silky
se esforzó she strove
orgulloso proud
la van a extrañar will wonder L: they will wonder
se despidió will say fairwell
recordaron recalled
viernes Friday
desde que since
desde from
todas prometieron volver a verse they promised to come back to see everyone
algún some
revisó revised
de hacer muchos años for many years
la infancia the childhood
los mas pequenos the little ones
entera whole
vieron they saw
sera would be
sabian they knew
un hogar a home
tenia que irse she had to go L: she had to go
regresaria she would return
lleno full
lo ibaa extrañar was going to wonder (about the dog)
esperandote waiting for you
te estrañaremos you will be missed
todos te extrañaremos everyone will miss you
disfutes enjoy
trajeré I will bring
hizo que todos rieran that made everyone laugh
¿Qué es lo que podía hacer? what is it that she could do?
idiomas languages
vienen they come
se dirigen a they are directed to
tal vez maybe / perhaps
se dirigen a they are directed to
vacaciones holidays
están dejando they are leaving
volviendo returning
aunque although
Created by: catmaclamb