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to be - was were - been бути
to become - became - become ставати, робитися
to break - broke - broken ламати
to bring - brought - brought приносити
to build - built - built будувати
to catch - caught - caught ловити
to choose - chose - chosen вибирати
to come - came - come приходити
to cut - cut - cut різати
to do - did - done робити
to drink - drank - drunk пити
to drive - drove - driven водити, їхати
to eat - ate - eaten їсти
to fall - fell - fallen падати
to fight - fought - fought боротись
to find - found - found знаходити
to fly - flew - flown літати
to forget - forgot - forgotten забувати
to forgive - forgave - forgiven пробачати
to get - got - got отримувати
to give - gave - given давати
to go - went - gone йти
to grow - grew - grown рости
to have - had - had мати
to hear - heard - heard чути
to hold - held - held тримати
to know - knew - known знати
to learn - learnt - learnt вчити (щось)
to leave - left - left покидати
to make - made - made робити, створювати
to meet - met - met зустрічати
to pay - paid - paid платити
to put - put - put класти
to read - read - read читати
to run - ran - run бігти
to say - said - said сказати (1 фразу)
to see - saw - seen бачити
to sell - sold - sold продавати
to send - sent - sent надсилати
to sit - sat - sat сідати
to sleep - slept - slept спати
to speak - spoke - spoken розмовляти (якоюсь мовою)
to take - took - taken брати
to think - thought - thought думати
to wear - wore - worn носити (одяг)
to write - wrote - written писати
Created by: Oksana Galuga
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