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Spanish story 1A

soledado sunny
cabello hair
liso smooth
cálido warm
además also / in addition to
reindo laughing
será will be
se despertó he woke up
mientras while
van a enseñar they will teach
emocionado excited
delgados thin / skinny
encuentre find
conocerse they wiil be known
asombrosas amazing
sin without
esa that
fuera outside
algo something
pone puts
listos ready
empieza starts
tiene miedo has fear / is fearful
está asustado is afraid
lo que encontrará what you will find
corre runs
escaleras stairs
casi almost
tropieza trips / stumbles
juguetes toys
llega arrives
cierra closes
se astá sintiendo he is feeling (re: emotions)
sube climbing
podría convertirse he could become
la selva the jungle
podría hacer I could do
un hechicero a sorcerer
hacer magia do magic
mismo same
una capa a coat
haciendo trucos doing tricks (lit: making tricks)
se emociona he is thrilled
tanto a lot
salir corriendo to run away (lit: to get out running)
tendrá will have
viajes trips travels
animado (circo) lively (circus) lit:excided
principio principle
se ven preocupados they are worried / concerned
luego then
todos los podemos everyone who can
tenemos que ir we have to go
estar agradecidos to be grateful
incluso even
volar to fly
enseñan thet teach
saldrá will turn out (lit: will come out)
nos contarlas tell us
tuvo had
volvió returned
evitar to avoid
Created by: catmaclamb
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