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NCVPS Expectations

Teaching with NCVPS

Timely Grading All assignments should be graded within 24 hours
Meaningful Feedback All feedback should include instruction (including 100% earners). It should help prepare students for future attempts.
Positive and Encouraging Feedback All feedback to students should have a positive tone. Find a way to provide constructive help without comments feeling punitive.
Celebrations in Announcements All announcements should include a shout out (or something like it) of student success and have name(s) incorporated.
Instruction in Announcements Every announcement should provide additional reinforcement or supplemental instruction through text, links, images, tools, etc.
Inform within Announcements A non-curriculum related piece of information about what is coming up, being covered that day, or going on at the school should be included in each announcement.
Co-Teacher Documentation Log (CTDL) Everyday there should be communication between teachers (f2f and online) within our Google Doc.
Synchronous Contact Log (SCL) Every week there should be a phone call which is documented and summarized in our log. We should also document other communication (emails/texts/call attempts/voicemails) there.
Personalized Learning (PL) Every week we should do something above and beyond what is in the course to meet the needs of our students and teachers. This can be done through email/inbox/feedback/announcements and logged in our SCL.
Created by: melissa.barnhart