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LINT2019 LLINT U1 personality

adventurous adj. (I'm pretty - in cooking. I like to experiment and take risks.)
ambitious adj. (He's very - for his children. He wants them to be very successful)
assertive adj. | (If you really want the promotion, you'll have to be more - )
bossy adj. ("Sit down" she said in a - tone.)
cautious adj. (Most doctors are - about advising you to have surgery because it is risky)
creative adj. | (a - designer/person is one who has new an innovative ideas)
easy-going adj- (She is an - teacher who allowed extra time for assignments.)
energetic adj. (The president was an - campaigner. He visited every city.)
enthusiastic adj. (She is an energetic and - teacher.)
even-tempered adj. (He is very - . He rarely gets angry.)
generous adj. | (Bill gates is a - donor. He gives away a lot of money.)
hard-working adj. | (METU students are very -.)
level-headed adj. (She is very - . She never acts without thinking.)
likeable adj. (He is a - person. No-one has anything bad to say about him.)
moody adj. (Parents find it difficult to deal with a - teenager)
open-minded adj. (She is an - young teacher. She will listen to your opinion.)
organised adj. (She's not a very - person and she always arrives late at meetings.)
quiet adj. (He was a -, young man. Some think he is shy.)
reliable adj. (He is a - man; you can rely on him.)
self-confident adj. (She's one of the most - young women I've ever met. She knows what she wants. )
sensible adj. (She was - and easy to deal with. She was practical.)
sensitive adj. (My experience made me very - to the suffering of others.)
serious adj. (You can never tell when he's - . He's always telling jokes.)
shy adj. (He is very quiet and quite -.)
sociable adj. (Joseph's very -. He likes parties.)
strong-willed adj. (Michelle Obama is a - woman)
talkative adj. (Ibrahim is lively and -)
thoughtful adj. ("Oh, how - of you," Dina said while she was opening the gift.)
warm-hearted adj. (His mother is very -. She always makes people feel welcome.)
Created by: steveneufeld
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