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aburrido boring, bored
afortunado lucky
agradable pleasant
antiguo old
apropiado correct, appropriate
barato cheap
bonito pretty
bueno good
calidad, la quality
caro expensive
decepcionado disappointed
decepcionante disappointing
desagradable unpleasant
desventaja, la disadvantage
distinto different
divertido amusing, entertaining
duro hard
emocionante exciting, thrilling, moving
encantador charming
entretenido entertaining, amusing
espléndido fantastic, great, terrific
estupendo fantastic, marvellous
fácil easy
fatal awful, fatal
fenomenal great, fantastic
feo ugly
genial brilliant, great
guay cool
hermoso beautiful
horroroso horrible
impresionante impressive, striking
increíble incredible
inseguro unsafe, uncertain
inútil useless
malo bad
maravilloso marvellous
nuevo new
precioso precious, beautiful
profundo deep, profound
raro strange, rare
seguro safe, certain
sencillo simple, plain, straightforward
sorprendido surprised
tonto silly
tranquilo peaceful, quiet
único unique, only, single
útil useful
ventaja, la advantage
viejo old
aburrirse to get bored
adorar to adore, to love
alegrar to cheer up
alegrarse (de) to be happy about
apreciar appreciate
aprovechar to make the most
aprovecharse (de) to take advantage (of)
creer to believe
dar igual to be all the same, to make no difference
decepcionar to disappoint
decir to say
desear to wish
disfrutar to enjoy
divertirse to have a good time
dudar to doubt
encantar to delight
esperar to hope
estar de acuerdo to agree
estar a favor to be in favour of
estar en contra to be against
estar harto de to be fed up of
fastidiar to annoy, to bother
interesar(se) to interest, to be interested in
odiar to hate
opinar to think, to give an opinion
parecer seem
pasarlo bien/mal to have a good/bad time
pensar to think
ponerse de acuerdo to agree
preferir to prefer
quedar en to agree
querer decir to mean
razón, una reason
reconocer to recognize
sentir(se) to feel
tener razón to be right
valer la pena to be worth it
Created by: gyatessanz
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