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physics week 1

what are the two primary parts of the x-ray tube cathode and anode
two electrodes are known as a diode
3 main methods of x-ray tube support ceiling support, floor to ceiling and cr
x rays are produced and emitted isotropically in all directions
x rays that escape through the protective housing are leakage radiation
the oil in the tube housing serves as both insulator and thermal cushion
what type of glass is the evacuated tube made from pyrex
2 types of material that a tube enclosure can be made of glass and metal
2 primary parts of the cathode filament and focusing cup
thermionic emission when the outer shell electrons of the filament atoms are "boiled off" and ejected from the filament
filaments are usually made from what two elements tungsten and thorium
what is the purpose of adding 1-2% thorium makes the anode an alode and prolongs the life of the tube
what is the most common cause of tube failure tungsten vaporization with the depostition on the inside of the glass enclosure
whate is the purpose of th focusing cup and what charge does it carry housing eletron charges and its negative
what is a dual focus x-ray tube two filaments and two focal spots
2 types of anodes stationary and rotating
3 functions of anodes electrical conductor, mechanical support,thermal dissipator
3 main reasons that tugsten is the material of choice for target atomic number, high meleting point, thermal conducting
what are the mammography targets made of and why molybdenium, low atomic number, low k characteristic energy
what is the advantage of rotating anode higehr tube currents and shorter exposure time
what rotates the anode electromagnetic induction motor that consist of sators and a rotor
actual source of an x ray focal spot
what are the varying target angles fo rmost diagnostic x ray tubes 5-20 degrees
what are the percentage differences between the anode and cathode side of the x ray beam cathode 120% anode 75%
3 ways heat can be dissipated in an x ray tube radiation, conduction and convection
what should you do to the anode before applying a high load technique to the anode warm it up
what is the most frequent cause of abrupt tube failure electron arching from fiiament vaporization
3 types of tube ratings charts radiographic, anode cooling and housing cooling
single phase Heat units HU =kVp*mA*S
high frequency HU = 1.41*kVp*mA*S
3 phase HU = 1.35*kVp*mA*S
what does an anode cooling chart do charts the time is required for the anode to cool down
what is a housing cooling chart states the max anout of heat the tube can get before it shuts off. 2xs as long without a fan
what does a double banana represent double focal spots
electron space charges hits the focal spot at what speed half the speed of light
the primary beam exiting the focal spot is at what speed the speed of light
dialectric is the oil in the tube
what is acceptable leakage 100 mr/h at 1m
focusing cup houses what electric charge
what is tungstens boiling point 3410 C or 6170 f
low kVp and high mAs is what thermionic emission
Au 79 GOLD
what is the most common target angle 12 degree
teh effective angle is ALWAYS smaller than the actual angle
what makes images brighter Image intensifier
electrons and what flow opposites current
diamagnetic cant be what artificially magnitized
objects absorb light in 3 derees not at all or partially
Intensity is reduced by a factor of one fourth if distance is doubled
halve the distance and intensity is increased by a factor of four
Electrification can be created by what contact, friction, or induction
in what type of circuit would a break in the line shut the whole thing down series
how many electrons are in one mAs 6.24 million million
polyenergetic is multiple energys
a sine wave has wavelength, frequency, amplitude and period
if a wavelength increase the frequency decreases and vice versa
KeV and kVp are equivilant
If the neutron and electrons changes the element is not changed
positive ion cation
negative ion anion
isotope loses a neutron
ion loses an electron
ionic bond give or gain electron
covelant bond shares electrons
mendeleeve did what in 1869 came out with periodic table
original elements 63
natural 92
totol elements to date 118
Created by: Pruettsgirl
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