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Nov. 2nd spelling

third grade spelling words

father My _______ taught me how to ride a bike.
chapter I read the first ______ of the book.
other The _____ kids went outside to play.
alphabet There are 26 letters in the English ________.
watch Don't ______ too much TV.
English My mom can speak Spanish and _______.
weather The ______ report says that it might rain today.
catch I hope you don't ______ a cold.
fashion The ______ magazine shows fancy clothes.
shrink Some clothes can ______ if you leave them in the dryer too long.
pitcher The baseball _______ threw three strikes in a row.
flash The camera's ______ helps you to take pictures at night.
athlete Babe Ruth was a famous ______ who hit lots of home runs.
trophy A ______ will be given to the student that wins the spelling bee.
nephew My brother's son is my ______.
northern Winters are colder in the _____ states.
establish You should ________ a habit of brushing your teeth.
emphasis He spoke with ______ because he was saying something important.
hyphen The _______ is a punctuation mark used to join words and to separate syllables of a single word.
challenge The ______ words may be more difficult than the other words.
excellence Some students received awards for their academic _________.
Created by: JohnW