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Auto(PAP)/ commercia

Auto(PAP)/ commercial auto

OEM The original equipment manufacturer is the maker of the car who also makes replacement parts
Non-OEM Non original equipment manufacturer is a manufacturer that did not make the car but does make replacement parts for the car
Bodily injury and property damage /property protection coverage Pays for damages for which the insured is legally liable because of bodily injury (bi) to another person or for property damage (PD) arising from the use of a described covered auto or other vehicle
Limit of liability Maximum amount an insurer will pay to cover legal requirements the insured may be liable for as the result of an accident.
Split limit Liability is shown as BI per person /BI PER occurance and PD per occurance ex: 20/40/15
Single limit Limit of coverage for all BI AND PD damages
Aggregate limit The maximum amount of coverage for the duration of the policy
Personal injury protection Is an extension of car insurance available in some states to cover medical expenses andin some cases lost wages and other damages
Uninsured motorist Pays for sums for only BI sustained by an insured as the result of an accident caused by the owner /operator of an uninsured vehicle
Garage form Provides auto and liability coverage to businesses that deal with the sales, repair , servicing
Business auto physical damage Provides coverage for the insureds owned autos
Truckers Coverge form Designed for businesses that transports goods and commodities for others
Motor carriers A business that engages in transportation of property or passengers
Garage keepers coverage Provides liability coverage for damage to customers autos that are in their care
Trailer interchange coverage Covers trailers the insured does not own but that are in his/her possession , the insured assumes liability for the trailer
Drive other car coverage Coverage available for personal use by employees,excutives or any other person supplied a company vehicle but who doesn't own a personal vehicle
Under insured motorist coverage Pays for the amount in excess of liability coverage provided in the at fault drivers policy
Out of state coverage If the insured has at least the minimum liability coverage required by his /her own resident state, most policies extend coverage to any broader coverage required by another state
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