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africa 5th grade

what is the longest river in Africa Nile
what is the longest lake in Africa lake Victoria
what made/helped them become wealthy gold
what did they trade for gold salt
what did they use to build the houses stone
why did they up and leave know one knows
what why dose the Nile river flow north
the Nile is a source of_ hydroelectricity
Africa is rich in natural resources
Nelson Mandela was thrown in jail for _ years 27
how did great Zimbabwe gain their power bye controlling the gold trade routes
what did nelson Mandela do for African american people he boy cot for African american people for their freedom
what do they use the Nile river for. travel,trading,drinking water,bathing, and cleaning.
why are u doing this study stack made bye a 5th grader in 2019 to study for my Africa test
what is desertification when a desert gets bigger
what is the tallest mountain in Africa mount Kilimanjaro
what did Mansa musa do he made it the strongest empire in his time
Ghana established and controlled the_ gold trade routes
the satchel region is a dry grass land south of the Sahara
lake is the second deepest lake in the world lake Tanganyika
was a a kingdom wear present day Ethiopia is located aksum
adulates aksums main port located on the red sea
aksum had control of many trade routes
great rift valley has high cliffs and rich soil
sumi ali expand the song-hi empire to include mail
mansa musa emphised learning and religion in mail
what canal connects the Mediterranean sea to the red sea Suez canal
Nigeria, Libya, and Algeria are leading producers of oil and natural gas.
leading producers of oil and natural gas. architecture, writing, and minting coins.
In the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, many European countries claimed land in Africa, developing European colonies on the continent.
In the early 1990’s, President Frederik Willem de Klerk ended apartheid and had Nelson Mandela released.
The Democratic Republic of Congo has deposits of gold, copper, and uranium.
The Congo basin in southwest Africa is made up of rain forests
Diamonds are found in Botswana, the Congo and South Africa.
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