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L8 Idioms

Idiomatic American English Level 8

Have a ball V. Enjoy one's self, have a good time
Splurge V. Spend a lot of money for something
Broke Adj. Having no money
Pick up the tab Pay the bill
Loaded Adj. Having a lot of money
Treat V. Pay for someone else
Go Dutch Each person pay for himself or herself
Freeload Get things that others pay for
Run out of V. Finish the supply, use up
Pick up V. Obtain, get
Odds and ends N. Miscellaneous items
Fed up with Adj. Disgusted with, had enough of
Foot the bill V. Pay
Down the drain (tubes) Adj. Or adv. Wasted, lost
Chip in V. Contribute, give jointly
Skip V. Forget, password over
clotheshorse n. a conspicuously well-dressed person
dress up v. to wear one's best clothes
shop around v. look in many stores
great adj. terrific, wonderful
sky-high adj. expensive
make ends meet v. balance one's budget, meet one's payments
cut corners v. limit one's buying
cut down on v. use less, reduce
make a bundle v. make a lot of money
rake it in v. make a lot of money
have it made v. be sure of success, have everything
lose one's shirt v. lose all one's money
hit the ceiling v. get angry
take someone to the cleaners v. win all of someone's money, cheat someone
good sport n. person who loses well
sore looser n. person who gets angry when he looses
caught short adj. having an insufficient supply (especially of money) when needed
burn a hole in one's pocket v. to be spent quickly
feel sorry for v. pity
tighten one's belt v. economize, spend and use less
do without v. live without something
get along v. manage
brown bag v. bring one's lunch from home
in the chips adj. having plenty of money
A-1 adj. excellent
set one back v. cost
an arm and a leg n. a large amount of money
in the market for adj. wanting or ready to buy
for the time being adv. at the present time
jalopy n. old car usually in poor condition
in a pinch adv. okay when nothing else is available
grand n. $1,000
That ain't hay! That's a lot of money
squawk about v. complain about
nest egg n. extra money saved
salt away v. save, keep hidden until needed
keep up with the Joneses v. try to equal your neighbors' lifestyle
on one's shoulders adj. or adv. one's responsibility
on pins and needles adj. nervous, excited
bank on v. count on, be sure of
make a killing v. gain a large amount of money at one time
Created by: eslgirl
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