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Srta Lynch 2019 Mock

2019 Spanish mock paper vocabulary

Aprovecharse de to make the most of
apagar to switch off
los quehaceres chores/tasks
la lectura reading
quizás perhaps
comprobar to check/verify
un colega a colleague
disminuir to reduce
el canto the singing
parecido a similar to
soñar to dream
cuerpo y mente body and mind
todo el mundo everybody
la rivalidad rivalry
votar to vote
distinto different
estar centrado to be centered
el cariño the affection
apoyado supported
mi sueño my dream
el reto the challenge
desarrollar to develop
con forma de in the shape of
pirámide invertida inverted pyramid
se pretenden that are intended
ya han construido they have already built
levantar to build
en el exterior on the outside
la sombra the shade
aparecer to appear
poder adquisitivo purchasing power
gira en torno revolves around
repleta de full of
homenajes tributes
travieso mischievous
esqueleto skeleton
cadena de acontecimientos chain of events
cálido warm/hot
un camion a truck
la venta de comida the sale of food
sobre ruedas on wheels
pulpo octopus
pulpo Gallego Galician octopus
pertenencia al grupo belonging to a group
acarrear to lead to
malgastar to waste
aunque although
surgir to arise
generalizarse to become widespread
cotidianos daily
la renta the rent/profit
Created by: Luvlycaroline