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Common Homophones

it's The contraction for it is. It's time for recess.
its The possessive pronoun for belonging to it. Its legs are longer.
you're The contraction for you are. You're going to be late for school.
your The possessive pronoun for belonging to or associated with a person. Your desk is a mess.
then at that time She won the first game and then the second.
than introducing the second element in a comparison More than 20 million bats are located under the bridge.
there in, at, or to that place or position. Her seat is over there on that side of the room.
their The possessive pronoun for belonging to or associated with the people. Their house is on the next corner.
they're The contraction for they are They're running late for the bus.
too excessively or in addition The tea is way too sweet. / I would like to go, too.
quit is a verb meaning "to stop" or "to leave." Quit touching the wall.
quite is an adjective meaning "completely." That's quite a lot of food on your plate.
quiet is an adjective meaning "free from noise." Please be quiet students.
passed is the past tense verb for pass. He passed his reading test.
past when used as an adjective it refers to a time gone by. The car drove past the building.
threw is the past tense verb of throw. It means to propel something with force.
through is a preposition to mean "moving in one side and out the other." He rode his bike through a mud puddle.
we're The contraction for we are. We're late for class.
were is plural past tense verb for are. They were talking loud in class.
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