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Unit 9 language

Unit 9 Wordskills red book

account explanation or report; credit arrangement with a bank or business; reckoning of money received or paid out; to give acceptable reasons or explanation
adverse unfavorable; opposed to; negative
circulate to spread; pass from person to person or from place to place
confederate ally; associate
execute to put to death b y capital punishment; carry out a plan or order
expedition journey undertaken for a specific purpose, such as exploration or battle
fate final outcome; destiny
ferocious fierce; savage; violent
gigantic huge; enormous
incredible unbelievable
inherit to come into possession of, often through a legal will
intention determination to do a specified thing; purpose
invade to enter by force in order to conquer
noble one possessing a title in a country ruled by royalty; a person of high birth or rank; heroic; dignified; being a member of nobility
objective something someone is trying to achieve or capture; a goal; open-minded; not influenced by personal feelings
prevail to win out; be greater in strength or influence
quality excellence; a character trait; noticeable feature
scanty barely enough or not enough; insufficient
substantial real; solid; large; important
vigorous energetic; strong; lively
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