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Word Wisdom Unit 5

Word Wisdom Unit 5 all Words

Labor Hard work
Commerce Business
Assemble To put together
Commercial Having to do with business
Currency A country's money
Merchandise Goods and items that are for sale
Produce To make something
Productive Having useful or good results
Expertise Having a special talent or skill
Jobless Without a job
Experiments A scientific test
Employment Paid work
Assistant A helper
Market To sell
Product Something Made
Goal The aim or purpose
Inventor A creator
Experience Something a person does or goes through
Qualify To do what is needed to meet the requirements
Organization A group of people who work together
Application A form to fill out for a job
Afford To be able to pay for
Mechanical Involving machines or tools
Production The process of making something
Expert Having great knowledge or skill in a particular field or job
Loan To borrow money
Wealthy Rich; to have a lot of money
Merchant A business owner
Supply To give things to people; to provide
Fad Something that is popular for a short time and then forgotten
Created by: lrosenfeld