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"Things.. Carried" 1

Elusive Difficult to express
Dictated Commanded
Intransitive Not taking a direct object
Insecticide A substance used for killing insects
Insignia A badge identifying military rank
Volition The power of using one's will
Lingo Vocabulary used by a particular group of people
Mortification Extreme embarrassment/shame
Negligence Failure to take proper care in doing a task
Impose To force something to be accepted by another
Discredit Harm the good reputation of someone or something
Conviction Firmly held belief
Maneuver Move skillfully/carefully
Isolated Far away from other places or people
Acquiescence Reluctant acceptance without protest
Gentry People of high social class
Rupture An instance of breaking/bursting suddenly
Pretense A false display of feelings/intentions
Monotonous Lacking in variety; dull
Impassive Not showing emotion
Comrade Fellow soldier
Rectitude Morally correct behavior/thinking
Credibility The quality of being trusted
Preceded Came before
Symmetries Consistencies; pleasing proportions
Illumination Lighting; glare
Implaceable Relentless; unstoppable
Proximity Closeness
Concord Harmony between people and groups
Anarchy State of disorder due to absence of authority
Superlatives Exaggerations
Casualties People killed/injured in war
Imprecision Lacking exactness
Subdued Quiet and restrained
Digressions Temporary shifts away from the subject being discussed
Encompassed Included
Speculation The forming of a theory without solid evidence
Inquiry The act of asking questions to get information
Transaction An interaction/exchange between people
Affluent Wealthy
Circumference Distance around something
Recede Move back or away from a previous position
Valor Courage
Viaduct A long bridge-like structure with arches that carries a road across a valley
Fatige Extreme tiredness/exhaustion
Flourishes Gestures/actions intended to get attention
Prosperous Financially successful
Intercom Electrical device allowing two-way communication
Reluctantly Unwillingly
Probes Devices used for exploring, testing, or obtaining something
Coordinates A group of numbers used to indicate position
Municipal Relating to a city/town
Tactically Carefully planned to gain an advantage
Salvaged Rescued/preserved from loss/destruction
Traction Grip for giving power to pull something over a surface
Happenstance Coincidence
Submerged Completely covered; below the surface
Condolences Expressions of sympathy to family and friends on the occasion of someone's death
Munitions Military weapons and ammunition
Created by: archergirl
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