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CoTW CH 1-3 Vocab

Vocabulary for Chapter 1-3 of Call of the Wild

nomadic wandering, moving about constantly "Old longings ____________leap, chafing at custom's chains"
paddock enclosed field "....down to the fountain in the stable yard, and even beyond, where the ___________ were, and the berry patches"
lacerated cut, wounded "The kidnapper undid the bloody wrapping and looked at his ___________________ hand. "
wax increase in strength; grow larger "..but therefore the more outrage to his dignity, and his anger _________"
impartial without prejudice or bias "He speedily learned that Perrault and Francois were fair men, calm and _____________ in administering justice, and too wise in the way of dogs to be fooled by dogs."
primordial existing from the beginning of time; primitive "He had been suddenly jerked from the heart of civilization and flung nto the heart of things _________________"
prowess superior ability; skill "...with a battle-scarred face and a single eye which flashed a warning of ___________ that commanded respect"
malingerer someone who avoids duty "When he saw Pike, one of the new dogs, a clever ___________ and thief, slyly steal a slice of bacon........."
herald announce;introduce "....while his hearing developed such acuteness that in his sleep he heard the faintest sound and knew whether is __________ peace or peril"
divers several "...Manuel was a gardener's helper whose wages did not lap over the needs of his wife and _________ small copies of himself."
pandemonium wild noise and disorder "...and a shrill yelp of pain, heralded the breaking forth of _______________"
skulking lurking about in a sinister way "The camp was suddenly discovered to be alive with ___________ furry forms--starving huskies....."
wraith ghost or specter "And leap by leap, like some pale frost ____________, the snowshoe rabbit flashed on ahead."
wonted customary; habitual; usual "Early in the trip this might have taken place had it not been for an un__________ accident."
impending about to happen; threatening "Only Spitz quivered and bristled as he staggered back and forth, snarling with horrible menace, as though to frighten off _________death."
Created by: plheron