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SpAnIsH aRt

Spanish Art

Desdén To disdain/ indiferencia con desprecio greco
Entierro (Enterrar-ie) Burial/ Accion de enterrar o sepultar a un muerto greco
Merece (Merecer-zc) Desereves/Es o se hace digno de algo greco
Torcida (Torcer-ue) Twisted, Bent greco
Onduladas Wavy greco
Paisaje Landscape greco
Inquisidor An Investigator greco
Bufones Payasos(Clown) Those that entertain with their words and actions(Jester) velazquez
Captar To Capture (Personality in paintings) velazquez
Enanos Dwarfs or Tiny People velazquez
Lienzo A Canvas velazquez
Plasmar To Mold or To Shape (In material sense) velazquez
Retrata(Retratar) To Paint into a Portrait velazquez
Tacha(Tachear) To Erase velazquez
Calidos Warm murillo
Ingresan (ingresar) To Enter murillo
Manto Robe, Cloak murillo
Monjes Monks murillo
Piadosa Pias murillo
Misticos devote murillo
Querubines Cherrib murillo
Alados winged murillo
Harapos Rags murillo
Rapaces Raptors murillo
Pordioseros Beggars murillo
Oleo Oil (Painting) murillo
Ternura Tenderness murillo
dados Dice murillo
Immaculadas Pure murillo
Barrios Neighborhoods Goya
Caprichos Whims Goya
Despreciar To Despise Goya
Espanto (Espantar) To Scare Away Goya
Fusilar To Shoot Goya
Trasladar(se) To Move Goya
Sordo Deaf Goya
Aguza Sharpens Goya
Majas Prostitutes Goya
Tapices Tapestries (Wool or silk painting) Goya
El Escorial Monastery outside Madrid in Toledo Goya
Tela A Canvas Goya
Debilidad e Inefcacia Weakness and incompetent Goya
Aguafuertes Etchings Goya
colocar to put/to place Dali
Desierto Desert Dali
Extrana Strange Dali
Flojos Melting Dali
Voluntad Will Power Dali
Contorno Shape Dali
Created by: Iskender
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