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Vocabulary words for Min Jun

groceries food that you buy at a store like Publix or Kroger
late fee money you pay when something is late
librarian a person who works in a library
late not on time
release let go of something
reach stretch out your arm to get something
pick choose or select something,
mermaid Disney's Ariel, someone who has a fish tail instead of feet and swims and lives in the ocean
check-in return books to the library; let someone know you are there, like when you go to the doctor's office, you check-in
check-out take books out of the library; let someone know you are leaving. Ex: if you leave school early, you have to check-out in the office
Garage Place for cars
Laundry room Place for washing machine and dryer for clothes
Vacuum cleaner What you use to clean the carpet
Teapot Something you put water in to boil and make tea
Pour When you put something from one container into another container, like water from a teapot into a cup
Paramedic People who drive an ambulance and come to an accident
First aid Help that you give to someone who is hurt
Admire Respect, look up to someone
Emerged Came out from somewhere
Refuse Say "no" to something
Bruise Black and blue skin when you bumped into something or we're hit
Curious You want to more about something
Wonder You think about something
Rest Take a break from something, stop what you are doing and sit down
Toward In the direction of something
Used to Something that you did in the past but don't do any more or something that was true in the past but isn't true now
Amazed You are amazed when something happens that you can't believe
Rough Something that is not smooth, rough water is when there are a lot of waves
Famous Very well know, many people know about it
Over Finished, ended. I went to bed when the tv show was over. This can also mean "above something"
Diagonal A line that is not up and down or right and left, like an X
Several Similar to a few; 3, 4 or 5
Opponent The person you play against in a game
Gradually Little by little
Dreary Causing sadness, when it is raining, we can say "It's a dreary day."
Bother Annoy, pester; upset, make sad
Thrive To prosper, be successful; to grow (like a plant)
Vision A vivid image that you see in your mind
Edible Something you can eat
Reality Real, true
Shallow The opposite of deep; usually used when talking about how the water level
Glad Happy
Fond of something Means you like it
Created by: eslgirl



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