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Unit 5:

Market Analysis

market analysis to examine the demand for and supply of a property type and the geographic market area for that property type.
Market area areas where market participants live and work
market trend analysis the analysis of data that exhibits an ongoing upward or downward pattern that is not due to seasonal changes.
marketability study the study to determine if the item in question is marketable.
feasibility study a study of the cost-benefit relationship of an economic endeavor.
absorption analysis to predict the absorption rate of a certain type of property in a given market. An absorption rate signifies the rate at which a type of property is either bought or leased, i.e. absorbed by the market.
Price point a point on the scale of possible prices at which a property might be marketed.
There often is some confusion regarding market analysis, a feasibility study, and a marketability study. The primary reason for this confusion results from: the client's lack of understanding and miscommunication with the appraiser
According to Standards Rule 1-3(a) in USPAP, an appraiser when doing a regional analysis, must consider: economic and market trends to obtain credible valuation results.
A political issue to consider in a regional market analysis is: regional government controls and cooperation among local government jurisdictions in solving inter-city problems.
Which of the following refers to the economic impact of a community that relies heavily on a specific industry? Regional employment variations
Which of the following factors helps foster rapid increases in housing prices in a regional market analysis? Creative financing offered by lenders
What has increased the effect of regional economic activity on local property values through the extensive use of automobile and advanced public transportation systems? Increased mobility
Which of the following is not one of the physical issues to consider in a regional market analysis? Availability of jobs
Adam is an appraiser who is analyzing the economic issues affecting a particular region. Which of the following is an economic issue to consider in a regional market analysis? Quality and diversification of defense-oriented industries
Physical issues to consider in a regional market analysis include public transportation facilities, available open spaces, and airports.
Which of the following statements is true regarding the impact of economic factors on real estate? The impact of regional employment variations cannot be overemphasized
In a regional market analysis, which of the following is an economic issue to be considered? Quality and quantity of institutions of higher learning
Factors affecting the rapid increases in housing prices include lower-than-normal unemployment, trade-up buyers, and creating lending programs.
In certain areas, farmers compete for their share of water allotment with: city dwellers.
Which of the following is not a social issue to consider in a regional market analysis? Job classification
As cities grow and become more crowded, what becomes more important? Individual property rights
In a city market analysis, a basic political consideration is: the city master plan and area specific plans.
A basic economic consideration in a city market analysis is: sufficient tax base to fund government services.
What is the final part of the economic analysis of a residential property A study of the properties that surround the subject property and influence its value
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