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Story Vocab

murio died
dar conferencias to give lectures, talk
cuento story, tale
voces voices
sueno sleep; sleepiness; dream
nace to be born; to grow
ficheros card indexes; filing cabinets; files
editorial publishing; editorial; leader, leading article, publishing house, publisher
huegla breathe; respiration
hielo ice, coldness, ice cube
provincia province, provincial
recuerdos memories, recollection, souvenir, keepsake
lana wool/ money
anticuarios antiquary, antiquarian
puntos point, dot
espacio space, scatter
confundirse to mingle; to blend
orbe orb, world
angulos angle, corner/ point of view
che What's up?
alla there, over there
chau bye
tempanos ice floe
glaciares glacier
lago lake
ecuador equator
indios Indians
piel skin/ leather
desiertos uninhabited
aca here, over here
plata silver/ money
canales canal, channel
hiebla fog
destino destiny, fate
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