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Cepe Vocab

Tapar / Cubrir to Cover
la Caída The fall
la ola wave
amenazar to put in danger
cumbre peak
ballena whale
tronco trunk
rocosa rocky
boscosa forested
brumosa misty
arena sand
lodosa muddy
animoso animated
resbulo slippery
medir to measure
contraer to contract
expandar to expand
traducir to translate
corregir to correct
recoger to collect
verificar to check
dado que given that
tamaño/ taller size
aportar to provide
cantate singer
tejer to knit
cinta tape
colorear to color
tocer to cough
la tos cough
barrer to sweep
borrar to erase
renir to scold
peatones pedestrians
la banqueta the sidewalk
atrope car accident
precisar confirm
sismico seismic
temblar quake
quemar to burn
escasez shortage
desaparecer to dissapear
desaparecidos missing people
ejercito army
entrenar to train
emigrar to immigrate
tibio mild
pegajoso sticky
inflada inflated
portatil portable
muelle dock (on water)
quitar remove
asentir agree
heredar inherit
tripluacion crew
cáscara peel / skin of fruit
quijada chin
zarpar set sail
en cuanto as soon as
tapete rug
escupir to spit
turno turn (your turn)
orgullosos proud
altivo arrogant
mostrat to show
señalar to point
morder to bite
suspirar to sigh
ampollas blisters
alaridos / gritas screams
vaciar to empty
sollozar to sob
pasar / suceder to happen
remar to row
pista clue
simultaneo simultaneous
iniciar to start / initiate
suplicar / rogar to plead
exigir to demand
arrastrabar to drag
pescar to fish
parecido likeness
expulsar expel
revelar to reveal
arrepentamiento regret
mezclilla denim
herramientas tools
consejo advice
consejar to advice
tijeras scissors
revista journal
entregar to deliver
enviar to submit
mandar to send
encontrar to find
escoger to choose
esconder to hide
vidrio glass
descuidada careless
vuelta return
volar to fly
herencia heritage
sobrino nephew
diverso diverse
endemico endemic
complejidad complexity
complejo complex
paisaje landscape
pasajero passanger
pareja couple
pajaro / ave bird
comporado con compared to
humedo humid
humo smoke
frontera / borde border
estaciones seasons
plano flat
desiqual bumpy
redondo round
cuadrado square
afilar to sharpen
agudo sharp
áspero rough
ancho / amplio wide
estrecho tight / slim
cazar to hunt
exntinto extinct
ejemplores species
regenerar regenerate
gesticular to gesture
agradar to please
sumar to add
cobija cover
enseguida right away
acomodar accomodate
descalzo shoeless
apuesta bet
apostar to bet
fila line
señal signal
sudar to sweat
sudaroso sweaty
trago a shot/drink
fijar to fix / pin up
reglas fijas fixed rules
quejar to complain
agredecer to thank
evitar to avoid
proponer to propose
propuesta proposal
popote straw
unicel styrofoam
meterse to get in
daño damage
nocivo harmful
atrever to dare
evaluar to evaluate
sembrar to plant
desconocer to ignore
desconocido unknown
negar to deny
vecino neighbor
diaramente daily
degastarse to wear away
caerse to lik e
creencia belief
a pesar de in spite of....
a partir de starting in/ with...
temer to fear
picar to chop/ poke
una risa laugh
las curtinas curtains
telarañas spiderwebs
araña spider
mejor dicho rather
desesperado desperate
engañar to cheat
fingir to pretend
denunciar to report
advertir to warn
advertencia warning
apenas barely
pisar to step
apodo nickname
rincon corner
perdido lost
perder to lose
cartigo punishment
estirar to stretch
sequia drought
pesadilla nightmare
golpear / pegar to hit
arribo arrival
impuesto tax
cobrar to charge
ten cargo take charge
lema motto
durar to last
izar to hoist
palo stick
asperó rough
salvaje wild
salvajemente wildly
asco disgust
ascuersoso disgusting
bruto gross
chocar to hit with a car
estorbar to hinder physically, get in the way
manguera hose
pálido pale
desprecio contempt
chisme gossip
chiflar to whistle
canasta basket
arrumbada ruined
actuar to act
espantar to spook
espantoso spooky / ugly
resultar to result
resulta a ser turn out to be
que tal si what if
consolar to comfort
forzar to force
acostar to go to bed
adquirir aquire
apretar to squeeze / tighten
satisfacer to satisfy
deshacer to undo
encender to turn on (lights)
apagar to turn off (lights)
prevenir to prevent
caber to fit
herrida wound
cagar to shit
mear to pee
pertenencias belongings
untar to spread
entretenida entertaining
volverse to become
huir to escape
dirigir to direct
promover to promote
soler to usually do
espeso thick
ladrar to bark
a ratos sometimes
lío mess
proveer to provide
intercambiar to trade
ingrato ungrateful
mudarse to move
agrio sour
amargo bitter
dulce sweet
inesperada unexpected
cansarse to tire
despedirse to say goodbye
tragar to swallow
a lo sumo at most
tal es as such
cuán very
al + infinitivo when x happened
muebles furniture
dominar to dominate
colgar to hang up
trampa trap
rezos prayers
hinchar to swell up
hinchazon swelling
desempeńar to play ( a role)
llevar a cabo to carry out (a plan)
interrumpir to interupt
asimismo likewise
según according to
acabo de + infitive i just did x
darse cuenta to realize
vincular to link
vinulado linked
reemplazar to replace
fuente fuel
puente bridge
piso floor
suelo ground
dueño owner
sueño dream
valore value
exposicion exposure
betabel beet
apio celery
aderezo dressing
apurarse to rush
ciego blind
cajones drawers
multa penlaty fee
nombrar to name
reconocer to recognize
por lo tanto therefore
al menos at least
a lo mejor at most
mientras tanto meanwhile
dicho sea de paso fun fact
de tal manera in such a way
siempre y cuando as long as
tan rapido como sea as fast as possible
tiene sentido that makes sense
me parece bien that seems good
filo edge
tropezar to trip on
desgarrar to rip/tear
exito success
fracaso failure
aprobar to approve
envolver to wrap
flujo flow
wheel rueda
flojo loose
apretado tight
aplicar to apply
colocar to place
aflojar to release pressure
recuperer to recover
cooperar cooperate
burlarse to make fun of
milagro miracle
hueso bone
en vano in vain
poblado populated
juguete toy
venganza revenge
charlar to chat
placticar to converse
alcanzar/ lograr to acheive
mugre dirt
mugroso dirty
aumentar to increase
disminuir to decrease
calentar to heat up
enfriar to cool down
emborracharse to get drunk
armar to assemble
moretones bruises
guantes gloves
ocaso sunset
amanacer sunrise
cosecha harvest
caucho rubber
rebotar to bounce
ausencia absence
anfitrion host
invitado guest
placer pleasure
trueno thunder
relámpago lightning
alejarse to move away from
acercarse to move towards
errar to err
me irrita que it irritates me that
me enoja it angers me that
me molesta que it bothers me that
me fascina it fascinates me
juez judge
merito merit
afición hobby
esquivar to escape
enloquecer to go crazy
recompensa reward
anillo ring
esfuerzo effort
antro nightclub
esclava slave
bostezar to yawn
celoso jealous
avergonzado ashamed
repugnante disgusting
mojado wet
vacío empty
relajante relaxing
programar / reprogramar schedule / rechedule
de alguna manera somehow
aterrizar to land
detrás behind
debajo under
carreteras roads
darse cuenta to realize `
enterarse to find out
ternura tenderness
sacudir to shake
recuperar to get back
referir to refer
hacer una referencia to make a reference
oculto hidden
de hoy en adelante from now on
rascar to scratch
descomponerse to decompose
me entristece que it saddens me that
podrido rotten
maduro ripe
prestar to borrow
prestado borrowed
manchar to stain
mancha stain
manchado stained
cobre copper
tenderse to lie down
sombra shadow
antojarse to crave
fugazmente fleeting
asearse to clean up
apreciar to appreciate
bastaba enough
pilote pile
fondo background
fango mud
siquiera even ( he could not even stand)
pararse to stand
alisar to smooth
liso/a smooth
naipes playing cards
bolsillo pocket
equivilante equivalent
dar media vuelta to turn around
dar por hecho to take for granted
seguido often
enseguida right away
seguimiento following
(ojala) que lo pases bien i hope you have a good time
por mi cuenta by myslef
alzar to raise
abultada bulky
grosor thickness
aguantar endure
vientre belly
esparcir to spread/scatter
leve mild
punzante stinging
ligera slight
ligeroso light
ligeramente slightly
picazon itch
pedidos orders
advanzar to advance
paquetar to package
penoso painful
penosamente painfully
sospecha suspicion
suspicaz suspicous
sospechosamente suspiciously
gerente manager
pudrir to rot
rótulo / etiqueta label
lugareños locals
aislada isolated
atar to tie
al hacerlo in doing so
asombrado amazed
vacilar to hestiate
disparar to shoot
regañadiente reluctantly
reacio reluctant
rodear to surround
rodeado surrounded
mullido fluffy
almohada pillow
intimidad privacy
inigualable unequaled
complice accomplice
pecado sin
superar to overcome
marcharse to leave
rato little while
dividir to divide
asunto affair
docena dozen
cuarto fourth
quinto fifth
sexto sixth
septimo seventh
octavo eighth
noveno ninth
décimo tenth
undécimo eleventh
duodecimo twelfth
hebilla buckle
jaula cage
atraer to attract
peludo furry
metido stuck
cantidad amount
cualidad quality
skull calavera
agarre a hold
esqueleto skeleton
fortalecer to strengthen
abrochar to fasten
desabrochar to unfasten
afiliada affliliated
sufrir to suffer
atorarse to get stuck
abastecer to supply
presa dam
atravesar to cross
trayecto journey
saber to taste
estar harto to be fed up
ocuparse to take care of
cierre zipper
botón button
ha de haber.... he must have
clavar to nail
clavado nailed
desteñir to fade
ahogar to drown
hundir to sink
lavabo sink
hincar to kneel
burbuja bubble
burbujeante bubbly
grueso thick
grosero rude
ceder to yield/cede
de la compro I buy it (sure)
me falta I miss (something)
cuantos minutos faltan how many minutes left
faltan cinco minutos 5 minutes left
hazmelo saber let me know
deberia/debí haber + participio (comido, visto, salido etc... ) should have .....
Pudé / Podria haber + participio (comido, visto, salido etc... ) could have....
hubiera + participio (comido, visto, salido etc... ) would have....
homogenio homogenous
tutela guardianship
tutelado supervised
estancia stay
a partir de entonces from here on
enriquecer to enrich
aportacion input/ contribution
merecer to deserve
trocear to cut in pieces/ to cube
tener ojeriza to have a grudge
rumbo course/ route
sabiduria / conocimento knowledge
puñado handful
retrato portrait
pretenecer to belong
cifra number/ figure
a la par at the same time
reisgo risk
arriesgar to risk
postura position
causar to cause
fomentar to promote
basarse to be based
reto challenge
previa previous
hornear to bake
frasco jar
rendirse to give up
alistarse / arreglar to get ready
desalentar to discourage
alentar to encourage
alentamento encouragement
alentador encouraging
Solar To release/ let loose
Testigo Witness
Infarto Heart attack
Renunciar To quit
Ataduras Ties
Plazo Term /( timetable )
Atuendo Attire
Tenue Faint (light)
Rayas Stripes
Por medio In between
Brecha Gap
Ombligo Belly button
Callejuela Alleyway
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