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Una Hija Singular


buque steamship
dirigirse a to head towards
notar to notice
rincón corner
ponerse a to begin
olas waves
de pronto suddenly
ballenas whales
tiburones sharks
bañistas swimmers
encerrar to lock up
echar to throw
siniestra sinister/evil
ha puesto has put
fondo end/bottom
singular unique
sudor sweat
obrar to work
gritar to scream
detener to detain
acercarse to approach
aduana customs
odio hate
inclinarse to lean in
doblado folded/bent over
suelta una carcajada bursts out laughing
resortes springs/levers
botones buttons
bochorno embarrassment
vergüenza shame
resuelto resolved
intervenir to intervene
maleta suitcase/luggage
cabina cabin
pasajeros passengers
caballero gentleman
mirada a look
viajero traveler
puerto port
quizás perhaps/maybe
pasillo hallway
extraño strange/weird
muerto dead
sorpresa surprise
sospecha suspicion
Created by: Sra. Chavez